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What is Quad (ATV)?

It is a four-wheeled motorcycle that we can use sometimes on the slopes of the mountain, on muddy roads and in water.

Buggy is a two-person vehicle consisting of a four-wheeled iron frame.

There is no need for a driver's license for both. Security precautions are taken by the guides. They give you your equipment and take a test drive. If you experience an exciting activity by passing through the dusty roads and mud that do not enter any vehicles from the slopes of the mountain. If you follow the guide and experience adrenaline-filled activity. The age limit for children is 14 for quad and buggy safari tours. Quad (ATV) and buggy safari tours in Alanya are one of the most preferred tours by adventure-loving guests who want to be in touch with nature. It will be enough for you to know only the gas and the brake. There is no need for experience.


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