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Types of fish and their favorite foods.

Although the shores of #Marmaris are washed by two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean, the diversity of fish species in both is almost the same. The main peaceful fish are mullet and bream, represented here by several species. However, this fish can be considered only relatively non-predatory, since it preys on larvae and shrimps, as well as freshwater mullet, at every opportunity.

Among the most common types of fish, I can note the head fish, lamb and others, which can be caught on a sandworm or fish fillet. The goof worm or pig worm is very soft and thanks to this softness the fish quickly pulls it off the hook. In addition, this worm is very expensive in a fishing store, so fish fillets seem to be the best option.

Balık türleri ve tercih ettikleri yemler.
Balık türleri ve tercih ettikleri yemler.

The traditional way of fishing.

As in many other coastal countries, hand fishing is traditional for Marmaris (strong line 1.0 mm, leash about 200 g and two or three hooks wound on a plastic spool). This type of fishing is most effective from a boat or from a pier, as it is difficult to cast from the shore. Anglers use a piece of fish as bait.

Bottom fishing and float fishing.

According to Bobber, fishing can be a lot of fun, especially with sandworms or white bread. The final bait is very effective in ports where fish, especially mullet, collect food waste thrown into the water from ships. Local fishermen usually use a buoy filled with water and a few hooks on a meter long fluorocarbon scarf; This vehicle can be thrown quite far in search of fish. But I personally recommend a 7-8m rod with a bobber because you can really catch a lot of different fish in the harbor this way.

Bottom fishing with a light line is very interesting in the evening or late at night when the surface of the water becomes stagnant. At this time, many different types of fish in the form of stingrays or mullets come to the seashore. Local fishermen use re-sliced ​​fish or rags as bait.

Main predators and bait.

As I mentioned earlier, almost all types of fish in the sea can be considered predators and even sea bream or fugu can be successfully fished with silicone lures. However, there are also some special predators such as #bluefish, #barracuda and #learfish. During the summer months, bluefish fishing is most successful, especially at dawn and dusk, when different sea currents converge, attracting large schools of small fish such as sardines. Among the many temptations, I recommend the Rapala MaxRap 23 or the Mommotti Seaspin 180SS, which need to be driven very fast with active twitch.

What should be paid special attention to?

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to a few details that will help you enjoy your vacation and avoid unnecessary problems:

To protect yourself from strong sun rays, remember to bring your 50+ sunscreen and use it regularly, especially between 10 am and 4 pm. However, despite this, your skin will burn, use #D-Panthenol and you will sleep peacefully at night.

The meat of some fish, such as bluefish, spoils very quickly, so try to cook it right away or freeze it. Be sure to avoid puffer meat, as its poison is stronger than cyanide!

Don't be afraid to fish on the waves, on the contrary, even big fish lose their attention when the water is a bit muddy. However, be very careful when fishing when the wave height exceeds one meter.

There are also several dangerous fish species in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. This is a sea urchin, a larger wild one, a scorpionfish and a stingray. Especially on deserted beaches, it is better to go into the water in fins or rubber slippers. Why risk your health for nothing?


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