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Water, which is one of the natural stones of life, should be clean and at the right values. Water is the most needed in caravan travel. Personal hygiene, drinking, food and cleaning are directly proportional to the comfort of the caravan trip.

So how do we know if the water to be used during travel is the right water?

In fact, it is quite easy to determine the quality of the water. There are many options from built-in filtration to water tablets.

The first thing to check with any water source is that there is no odor or discoloration. Water often has a chlorine odor. But that doesn't mean it's reliable.

Safe water supply starts with a quality water hose. There is no use treating your water if the hose is cracked and contaminated. Straight hoses are ideal for ease of use and quality. It is essential to wash the inside of the hose in order to prevent water accumulation and to remove the congestion that occurs during seasonal changes.

There are two options for water filters.

1- Fixed Water Filter;

If you are going to travel a long distance with a caravan, it will be very useful for you to use a fixed water filter. Its safety level is high. It offers you the clean water it purifies for you to use with a fixed tap.

2- External Water Filters

It is the basic material for water security. These external water filters are easily attached to the tank in the caravan. It is also very successful in removing the chlorine smell. After your caravan trip is over, it can be easily stored with the hose.

If you do not know exactly where to get the water from, it is vital that you stock some water in the caravan until you find water.


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