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Shopping in Marmaris: shopping centers, shops, markets, prices and reviews what to buy

The Turkish city of Marmaris is not only a hospitable resort popular with our compatriots, which has long been accustomed to European guests and does not require them to observe "eastern decency" in dress and behavior. For those tourists who are not averse to combining a beach holiday with economical shopping, Marmaris is a real find, because numerous shopping centers, markets and shops in this city offer a rich assortment of goods at prices 30-50% lower than in the capital.

Shopping in Marmaris is presented by the contrast of modern boutiques and world-class malls adjacent to authentic oriental markets and an abundance of street vendors. The discerning traveler will not have a question of what to buy in Marmaris, local counters will find everything that the East is famous for: from copper and bronze jewelry, hand-made fabrics and carpets to honey "flounder", unique for its pine scent.

In the center of the city, in addition to souvenir shops and shops of all stripes offering local products, there are also large shopping centers selling branded clothes of world famous brands. In the stores of Adidas, Colins, Ambar, LC Waikiki, Jimmy Key and others during seasonal sales, the already not high prices in Marmaris for branded items can be halved or even three times! Shopping in Marmaris is notable for the fact that sales here are a real way to economically spend money on quality products. Unlike many Russian and Ukrainian stores here, the sale announcement really means a collapse in prices, and not just a publicity stunt to attract gullible shopaholics.

In order not to let the hard-earned money down the drain, being tempted by the low prices in Marmaris, you should pay attention to some of the "eastern subtleties" of local shopping. For example, when thinking about what to buy in Marmaris, you need to keep in mind that an impressive part of the branded clothing offered by local stores is fake, but not of the worst quality. Perhaps the only thing that is not recommended to buy in Marmaris is DVD discs, which are often simply inoperative.

Shopping centers in Marmaris

If your goal is large shopping and large-scale shopping in Marmaris, it is best to go to large #shopping centers and popular stores. We want to tell you about them without forgetting to indicate them all on the map and enter all the exact addresses. We are travel enthusiasts ourselves and we know how important useful advice and reviews are for tourism, and not just vague information.

Shopping center Grand Bazzar Carsi (Charshi Grand Bazaar)

The famous shopping center Grand Bazzar is located in the very center of #Marmaris, not far from the harbor with tourist ships. It looks more like a covered market, which is typical for #Turkey, but modernity obliges to call this place a shopping center. Here you will find everything: gold and silver, knitwear, leather goods, souvenirs, trinkets for gifts, bags, shoes, jeans and other types of clothing. Another advantage is the coolness under the large roof of the caravan shed with the streets. But perhaps this is all if you are a modest and inexperienced tourist. At the very entrance you will be greeted by "barkers", local merchants. True, they are no longer as persistent as they were in the "dashing" 90s, but nevertheless, for some it can be very annoying. Also, the prices for all goods here are very high, if you are not guided by the real cost, it will be difficult to understand how long you can bargain. Based on personal experience and reviews of other tourists, we will say that the real price may differ from that stated for Carsi by 8 times! But not everything is so sad, there are also honest shops with all the price tags on the product and even with big discounts up to minus 70%.

Shopping in Marmaris: shopping centers, shops, markets, prices and reviews what to buy
Shopping in Marmaris: shopping centers, shops, markets, prices and reviews what to buy

How to get Close to the famous tourist attraction - the fortress of Marmaris, a shopping center or a covered market of Kapala Charsi (Carsi) hospitably opens its doors for buyers, it is the main bazaar. Be guided by the aforementioned harbor and monument to the founding father of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Ataturk.

Address: Tepe, 38. Sok., 48700 Marmaris / Muğla, Turkey Opening hours from 8:00 am to 1:00 am.