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We love camping and glamping, and there is now research showing that it is better for our mind, body and spirit than we thought, providing us with many physical benefits and helping us re-energize throughout the season.

More Natural Light Brings Better Sleep

Modern life can bring many challenges, and for those who like to light the candle on both sides with hard work and play, taking a break every now and then is important.

Successful interaction between the body and its natural environment can have a truly positive effect on sleep and mood, allowing us to recharge our batteries and prepare for the months ahead.

Research shows that going on a regular camping trip can help us balance our circadian rhythm with the natural light we're exposed to.

Glamping is also great as it provides an experience where you can experience the luxury and comfort of a hotel while enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer and the many health benefits of being in nature.

Staying Physically Active Improves Our Well-Being

Enjoying some wildlife therapy outside in the fresh air seems to strengthen our senses, which can have huge camp health benefits. Food is tastier, the air smells cleaner, and the voice of nature is louder.

This can have a huge impact on our sense of well-being, and research shows that 71% of those who are depressed find relief through the availability of green spaces, ecotherapy, and using nature as a tonic.

The added benefit is that we unwittingly exercise when we engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). The increase in physical activity really helps elevate our mood and this can have an extremely positive effect on our energy levels.

New Gear and Vehicles Exciting!

Another thing that really energizes us is researching and buying new equipment for our next trip. In fact, nothing like a little shopping to get us excited to revisit the campground.

New gadgets and clothing are in demand in the camping world as we need something to look forward to, especially in tough times. This means that even if it's dark and cold outside, we can go shopping for dynamic vehicles, daypacks, new tents and a variety of camping gear to start planning our next trip.

Also, with the advent of heat and solar powered technology, you may have some nasty earth-friendly gadgets to proudly display at the campsite.

From stoves that can power your smartphone to solar chargers your friends will beg to borrow, it's clear that the best camper these days is the one who takes the time to find the next big trend. Spending a few hours at the office or spending the dark evenings indoors will definitely help and keep you refreshed for the upcoming camping season.

Benefits of Planning Your Next Caravan Trip

So even when you're not camping, talking, planning, and looking forward to your next trip can really help get you excited about what's to come.

So take a moment to connect with your friends and start planning something great.


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