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Preparing Your Caravan for the Season

Before the travel season begins, you need to prepare and maintain your campervan. The safety and comfort of vacationers in it directly depend on the technical condition of the caravan. Preparation should begin with an examination of the body: thoroughly clean all surfaces of the body, inside and out. If the caravan overwintered on the street, special attention should be paid to the roof. After cleaning, check the connections to all windows, covers and other body elements for cracks and leaks. Don't forget the bottom of the caravan: examine all elements of the base for completeness.

Checking the equipment on the vehicle;

Connect the battery, check the voltage and charge if necessary, if you have solar panels installed, you should check their performance. After examining the battery, you need to proceed with the diagnosis of all electrical systems, including interior lighting equipment, turn signals, emergency lights and others.

water systems

The most important organ of the entire caravan, it is difficult to imagine a comfortable stay without water. Fill the clean water tanks to the brim and check for leaks, then fill the boiler and check all water lines, taps, pumps. If necessary, apply a cleaning agent to the water system.

gas equipment

Measure the gas pressure in the cylinder, connect it to the gas line if it is sufficient, otherwise fill the cylinder with gas. After connecting, check the operation of all gas equipment: the stove, heater, boiler and the tightness of the gas line without fail.

furniture systems

If any of the items have begun to rot, inspect all furniture systems for integrity and condition - somewhere there is a flow into the trailer body. If leaks are found you will need to diagnose and repair the trailer.

Authorized car wash

When washing the caravan with a high pressure cleaner, you can damage the windows and air vent screens. It's safer to just use a hose, sponge and a bucket of detergent. Very carefully you need to wash the places of ventilation grilles, exhaust valves, window and door joints.

Cleaning a trailer inside also requires a competent approach. Excess moisture can damage the caravan interior. Do wet cleaning when open: doors, windows and hatches. Do not forget to ventilate the mattress and pillows.


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