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To think of a camping site for you; It has a garden full of lush green gardens, workshop areas, swimming pool, stone area, bungalows, wooden pergolas, a village house, library, hammocks, bar, kitchen, and pleasure corners where you can sit and chat. Presented by the program. In Kayaköy Art Camp, which is open to international participants, the camp periods usually start with yoga. It starts the workshops from the delicious village breakfast and takes about 2.5 hours until lunch. Afterwards, they organize walks to the natural and historical areas in the vicinity, ending with the pleasure of the sea. Accommodation You can stay in stone hostel rooms and bungalows with camping shower and toilet, wooden pergola of shared showers and toilets, facility tents or in your own tents. Those who will stay in their own tent can take out their own equipment and set up their tents in their camp. Those who sleep under the stars with their sleeping bags are not forgotten, there are suitable corners for them. Workshops There are Photography, Painting, Go (game), Ceramics, Yoga, Stop Motion, Rhythm, Salsa, Bi'Tohum, Bust & Mask, Kilim Weaving, Hoop & Canvas, Batik, Harmonica, Wood Carving, Macrame and Leather workshops that you can attend. The workshops are on a walk and travel plan the other day, you walk somewhere else, swim his day somewhere else. You spend a day at sea with a boat trip. On some long walks, there is also the option of going to the destination by car. You pass the pine forest on the visually rich paths and watch the bird's eye view as you walk the shores. Get ready for the joy of the sea after the walks that anyone without health problems can easily participate in.


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