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One of the essentials of caravan life is undoubtedly the refrigerator. The refrigerator used for preserving food and cooling drinks must be suitable for the caravan. The cooling and ice making, internal space capacity of the refrigerator is very important. Another issue that should be considered when choosing is the source and voltage of the energy it consumes.

The most favorite refrigerators for the caravan are the so-called three systems.

They can work with 220 V network voltage, 12 V voltage and LPG.

220V refrigerators are among these most preferred refrigerators, but they need a powerful inverter. A sine inverter can minimize the risk of malfunctions as it will ensure that the motor operates without vibration and with direct current.

The refrigerator, designed for 12-24 Volt operating voltage, eliminates the need for an inverter that works continuously. It provides ease of use.


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