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When camping, it's easy to forget everything we take lightly at home. Something as simple as a note or the way to communicate with a quick message can be difficult at your campsite.

The same can be said if you're going trail hiking or geocaching. If you're setting off on the trail, it's always important to let other campers know where you're going and when you plan to return. You also need to find a way to communicate while on the go. In this camping hack, we share an easy way to stay in touch by making paper notes in a prescription bottle. A great way to leave a quick message on the road or at the campsite.


Empty Prescription Bottle

A pair of short pencils (golf pencil)

30-sheet address label

Push Pins


Notes in a prescription bottle are great ways to leave a message for your fellow campers while hiking or geocaching.

Using 30 sheets of address labels, cut the columns into 3 strips of 10 labels each. Roll it gently and place it inside the prescription bottle with a few golf pens. Add some push pins in case you want to leave a message on a tree or a park office.

Part of being in the wilderness, whether it's camping, hiking or backpacking, is to be adequately prepared for whatever situations may arise. You might not think a sticky address label and pencil would work in the wild, but there are many occasions when it does come in handy. This DIY note in a bottle is a very easy way to make a lightweight, waterproof and simple notepad that can be glued or fixed to a structure.

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