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Dalaman Sarıgerme

You can enjoy a perfect beach holiday at one of the Dalaman beach hotels near Sarigerme Village, a few kilometers from the airport, and avoid the hassle of going to and from the airport. #Sarigerme, a former fishing village, is a small place with only one main street, but in the evening it becomes a popular place for sightseeing. Despite its modest size, the village delights tourists with souvenir shops, boutiques, restaurants and traditional Turkish cafes. There is also a post office identified by the Ptt icon to send postcards to loved ones with stunning views of the local area.

For those who want to enjoy the peace, quiet and the unspoiled beauty of nature, there is no better place to relax the soul and body. Hotel availability is based on interests: in one there are all the conditions for accommodating the youngest guests, and in the other - check-in is possible only if you are 16 years old.

Mountains covered with pine and olive groves approach the sea and stretch for miles along the coast. The air has a delicate and delicate aroma that makes it easy for even tourists suffering from lung diseases to breathe.

The beach in #Dalaman is stunning, the fine sand offers a convenient entrance to the sea. It is not for nothing that it receives the Blue Flag every year - an international award, which means that the water in the sea and the condition of the beach meet high quality requirements and are recommended for a safe vacation. The city beach is free for tourists staying in all-inclusive hotels. A small fee applies to locals and solo travelers.

Barbecue areas are organized on the beach, where locals gather with large families on weekends. Free minibuses depart from the hotels on the top of the mountains to the beach.

From the beginning of Merkez Sarıgerme Street to the barrier separating the beach area, a fun tractor moves with a long open trailer. You can go to the beach and come back.

Ponds and beaches

Sea: Aegean Sea

Lakes: Koycegiz

Rivers: Dalaman

water is clean

sandy beach

beaches are clean


Aquatic life: blue crabs


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