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We plan to make your caravan travel comfortable by occasionally giving place to creating extra space in the caravan. In this article, you will find what you need to do to create storage space.

Get rid of the suitcase hassle.

The trailer is your second home. Just as you do not keep your clothes and personal items in suitcases at home, you do not need to keep them in the caravan. If you want to travel with a suitcase and place your belongings in the camping area, you can also put your empty suitcase inside the awning outside the caravan.

You can use the roof mount.

The roof mount is the covered storage area added to the roof of your caravan. It's a good idea to use this area for things like outdoor toys, diving suits, and life jackets, in case they're waterproof.

You can see unused spaces as storage space.

The shelves and cabinets that you will add to the bottom of the counter, the corners of the caravan, and the ceiling of the caravan will largely gather the crowd that will form in the caravan.


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